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Abhijit - The protagonist
An average Joe Indian - who always had a wish to travel but was able to discover that it was more than a wish only recently.

Have traveled extensively over the past few years with varying types of travel

-  Alone or with family or with friends
-  Travel for work or travel for vacations
-  Backpacking or a normal vacation
-  Well planned trips or totally unplanned ones

In addition to loving travel, I am a huge sports freak with interest in football, cricket, tennis and formula 1. In the future, have decided to combine these two passions to visit various places when there is a sporting event with the four grand slams, a visit to Anfield (Liverpool's home stadium) and a cricket match in South Africa on my list.

When not traveling, am a banker by profession working in the financial capital of India after being educated as a manager from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. 

Have stayed across the length the breadth of this great country covering all types of capital of this great country - born and brought up in national capital Delhi, educated in the cultural capital Varanasi and the IT capital Bangalore and currently working and residing in the financial capital Mumbai. 

My social profile

Anyone requiring any help on travel or even wants to connect otherwise can connect with me.

Twitter - @abhijitraja

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